Treatment Price List
All treatments begin with a consultation

Dermal Fillers

TreatmentPrice (£)Time (min)
Lip Fillers 0.5ml10030
Lip Filler 0.5ml Nano Needle10530
Lip Filler 0.7ml13030
Lip Filler 0.7ml Nano Lip Filler13530
Lip Filler 1ML15030
Lip Filler 1.1ML Nano Needle15530
Bestie Package 2x 1ML Lip Filler29050
Russian Lip Filler 1ML16040
Non Surgical Nose Job With Dermal Filler30030
Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Top Up22030
1ML Filler Nose To Mouth/ Mouth To Chin Lines16030
Cheek Filler 1ML16030
Cheek Filler 2ML29030
Chin Filler 1ML16030

Dermal Filler Packages

TreatmentPrice (£)Time (min)
2ML Package29030
3ML Package39045
4ML Package49060
5ML Package59060
6ML Package68060

Derma Hydra Dermabrasion

TreatmentPrice (£)Time (min)
Hydra Dermabrasion (hydra facial 9 in 1)9945

Skin Peels

TreatmentPrice (£)Time (min)
BioRePeelc13 & LED Light Therapy8545
Zo skin health red carpet stimulator peel9530
Epionce lite refresh peel8930

Collagen Induction therapy

TreatmentPrice (£)Time (min)
Micro Needling11540
Micro Needling Package Of 3 Treatments30040
PRP With Micro-Needling18045
PRP (Cellenis Platelet Rich Plasma)



Skin Boosters

TreatmentPrice (£)Time (min)
Seventy Hyal Skin Booster12930
Profhilo 1 Treatment25030
Profhilo 2 Treatments45030
Sunekos 1 Treatment13030
Sunekos Package 3 Treatments37530

Combo Packages

TreatmentPrice (£)Time (min)
3 Areas of Anti-Wrinkle & 1ML Lip Filler32040
3 Areas of Anti-Wrinkle & 0.7ML Lip Filler29540
3 Areas of Anti-Wrinkle And 0.5ML Lip Filler27040

Fat dissolving

TreatmentPrice (£)Time (min)
Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Small Area or Chin9930
Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Large Area19930
Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Medium Area14930
Aqualyx Chin Package 3 Treatments27030


TreatmentPrice (£)Time (min)
Lip flip8520
Anti-Wrinkle 1 Area13020
Anti-Wrinkle 2 Areas17020
Anti-Wrinkle 3 Areas19020
Anti-Wrinkle 4 Areas21020
Anti-Wrinkle 5 Areas23520
Anti-Wrinkle 1 Area Men17030
Anti-Wrinkle 2 Areas Men20030
Anti-Wrinkle 3 Areas Men23030
3 Areas of Anti Wrinkle and 0.5ml Lip Filler28040
3 Areas of Anti Wrinkle and 0.7ml Lip Filler30540
3 Areas of Anti Wrinkle and 1ml Lip Filler33040
Aqualax Fat Dissolving small area or chin9930
Gummy Smile Toxin8515
Bunny Lines8520
Jaw Slimming/Teeth Clenching20020
Hyperhidrosis Underarm Sweating32020