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What are Chin & Jawline Fillers?

The facial structure of the lower face, particularly the chin, is sometimes overlooked despite having a significant impact on the proportion and profile of the face. In some circumstances, the chin appears to be smaller than the other facial features, particularly the nose.

During the ageing process, the form of the lower face changes, causing the chin to recede and the jawline to sag and lose volume. This results in the loss of profile balance and harmony of the features of the face. More notably, a smaller chin will make the nose look more prominent or oversized, compromising the facial balance.

If you think your chin isn’t as prominent as you’d like it to be, or if it’s flattening and generating a more apparent double chin, non-surgical chin augmentation treatment in London can be a treatment of choice to improve your profile and balance. Without undergoing invasive surgery, we can recreate chin prominence with dermal filler.


Step 1: Consultation

Every treatment we offer commences with a confidential meeting, wherein our skilled practitioner will carry out a comprehensive facial evaluation. We will deliberate the patient’s intended results and the appropriateness of the treatment, following which a bespoke plan will be created collaboratively.

Step 2: Treatment

Firstly, a numbing cream is applied to the treatment areas before the procedure. The actual treatment is a quick and straightforward process, taking only a few minutes to complete. A fine needle is used to inject the filler substance into the designated areas.

Step 3: Aftercare

After each treatment, we will give you thorough guidance on aftercare before you depart from the clinic. Additionally, we will send this information to you via email to ensure that you always have it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What to do before my treatment?
    Before your treatment, please ensure:

    • Avoid alcohol for 24hours before

    • Avoid extreme exercise for 24hours before

    • Avoid makeup or creams for 24hours before

    • Ensure you’ve not been treated with a filler, lazer, chemical peel or skin booster for 4 weeks prior
  • What does the Chin/Jaw Filler Treatment involve?
    Dermal fillers are administered to the chin or jaw area using a cannula or needle in a strategic manner to achieve desired results that are tailored to the patient. The treatment provides immediate results and usually takes only 10-15 minutes to complete.
  • What happens during Chin/Jaw Filler Treatment?
    Our appointment begins with a comprehensive consultation aimed at comprehending your needs and determining if the treatment is appropriate for you. Once we have obtained a complete understanding and you are satisfied to proceed, we initiate the treatment.
  • How long does the Chin/Jaw Filler take?
    Treatment takes no longer than 15 minutes; patients will see immediate results, with no recovery time needed, and you can get back to your daily activities or work the very same day
  • Does Chin/Jaw Filler Treatment hurt?
    We apply a numbing cream to the injection site to ensure your comfort during the treatment. The procedure is carried out only after the area has been numbed, making your experience as pleasant as possible. According to feedback from our previous patients, most experienced only mild discomfort, and some felt no pain at all.
  • Is Chin/Jaw Filler Treatment safe?
    Certainly. Dermal fillers based on hyaluronic acid are sourced from natural origins and not from animals. This versatile substance is extensively researched in laboratories and is considered one of nature's most adaptable materials. As time passes, the fillers dissolve naturally in the skin as the body breaks them down, leading to a gradual fade in the treatment's results. Similar to naturally occurring hyaluronic acid in the skin, the filler disintegrates and is reabsorbed by the body. Hyaluronic acid is recognized for its safety, efficacy, and as a viable alternative to surgical procedures.


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